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10mm space screen

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Committed To Offer High-Quality Privacy Spare Screen

Mannat’s Blind and Shutters is a leading company to offer a range of quality screens. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we have managed to have a huge number of satisfied clients with positive feedback. Since our launch, we have delivered successful customized products for homes and offices throughout Brisbane. When the requirement is for screen projects then we can be the one-stop solutions for you. We handle the entire work with standards in the market and that can be done under budget.

Product Overview

10mm space screen is a product to achieve a beautiful, industrial and elegant look. The best quality of a 10mm space screen is that it does not compromise quality and strength. They are prepared in a way to impede the views from the windows in the way you are looking for. Whether there is a requirement for security measures or you want a product with the less obstructive in the house, then it is the best choice among all. It is created in a way to get the best possible protection from home invasions. Also, it is the ideal solution to keep pets and small children from falling from open windows.

Features And Benefits of 10mm Spare Screen

It is a vital decision to get the best work done when it’s about screen installation.10mm space screen is the ideal solution for customers who are looking for products that matched Australian safety standards. It is made with quality materials as it has resulted in customised products. The list of features and benefits of the 10mm space screen includes:



  • Cover the enclosed space with style
  • Can be customised according to needs and budget
  • Restrict the amount of sunlight, the wind came to your place
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy to manage
  • Quality, reliability, and convenience