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20mm space screen

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Work With Long Lasting Results with The Privacy Screens Brisbane

Anyone needs to find the best company when the requirement is to have a 20mm space screen for privacy. At Mannat’s Blind and Shutters, we are available with quality products that can be customized according to your taste, style, requirement, and most importantly budget. When the talk is about the screen projects you should not take the chance as our team is making that project easy for the customers. Our team of professionals understands the requirements and installs the screens at your place. You can call us or email us with your requirements and our team will undertake the work and then provide you with quality products.

Product Overview - 20mm Space Screen

At Mannat’s Blind and Shutters, we are offering 20mm space screens to provide the screening and glazing requirements. the spare screen is fit or privacy control so that no wanted view, airflow, and sunlight comes to your place. It is designed and prepared using quality material that provides it perfect protection to your outer space. Not just it is for safety but it creates durability as well. they can be easily installed and managed as well.

Features and Benefits

20mm space screen is a highly durable and quality product that can provide aesthetic beauty to your space. it is an effective idea to save the privacy of your place by adding value and appeal to that. Not just that here given is the list of features and benefits of a 20mm space screen.



  • Add curb and value to your place
  • Better safety with quality screen installation
  • Save your place from harmful UV light, strong wind, and harsh weather conditions
  • High standard product
  • A perfect idea for keeping your privacy safe