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Aluminum mesh

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Avail The Aluminum Mesh Security in Brisbane

Aluminum mesh security is prepared in a way so that after installation you can be free from worries about thieves or unwanted persons at your place. It offers your windows and doors the security barriers that make it a perfect option for residential and commercial buildings. At Mannat’s Blind and Shutters, aluminum mesh came with a variety of options like expended mesh, perforated metal mesh, or aluminum expanded mesh. Once you finalize your choice you can contact us and our team of professionals will contact you and provide customized solutions under budget. 

Product Overview

Aluminum security mesh is known for special metal sheet processing. After processing, it creates a network of material sheets. The best part of choosing the product is that it keeps the look of the home safe without compromising the safety of the place. The security mesh is a blend of safety and style and so will be a perfect option when you are looking for a stylish look throughout. The woven steel mesh is more attractive than the old school bars and grills but also allows them plenty of light and air in the place. 

Features And Benefits Of Aluminum Mesh

Aluminum mesh is a product known for its quality with a beautiful-looking product. The mesh allows the entry of light and air without compromising security. Some of the other features and benefits of the aluminum mesh include:


  • Highly durable and strong product
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-rust and anti-cut
  • Available with a variety of color and opening options
  • Highly cost-effective compared to stainless steel security mesh
  • It has a thickness of 2mm that can be customised