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Made Automatic Roll-Up Awnings for a Fantastic Look

Protect your windows from sunlight and glare with automatic rollup awnings at Mannat’s Blind and Shutters. Our range of awnings is traditional and trendy as well as gives a wonderful look to your window. Our automatic roll-up awnings are simple and suit your budget so you should do with this wonderful option to save your family and for adding value to your home. You will find colorful awnings in our range of products that are durable and practical for Brisbane weather.

Product Overview

Automatic roll-up awnings are beautiful and convenient to use awnings which prove to be an excellent option for huge windows. Installing them gives you privacy due to the complete coverage option. It restricts the sunlight to come daytime and with an automatic roll-up, you can roll that up after the sun is gone. The work can be done easily with simple operation and easy locking arms by which you can adjust the shade.

Features And Benefits of Auto Roll-Up Awnings

Automatic roll-up awnings are simply operational awnings to restrict and allow the view through the window. They are available with various color options so that you can get that customised according to you. Some of the features and benefits of Auto Roll-up awnings include:


  • Sturdy fabrics of such awnings are a perfect fit for Australian weather
  • Enduring designs of awnings give you a unique feel
  • User-friendly self-locking makes it suitable to fit in any place
  • Simple manual or pull stick adjustment
  • A huge selection of designs and styles is available