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Benefits Of Going with Motorized Window Blinds


Window blinds are quite popular among homeowners in Australia for those who wanted to cover their windows with style and protect them from light with maintaining privacy. It helps to enhance the look of the window, is easy to install and maintain, and is durable and so becomes the top choice for modern homes. When you look in the market then you will get a range of motorized window blinds available in a custom fit and well-designed for every window.

Benefits of Opting for Motorized Window Blinds

1. Cordless Design Make It a Perfect Fit for Pets and Children

For every homeowner, the prime concern is to keep their children and pets safe and if you wanted to go with the option, then motorized window blinds are the best option for you. when you go with traditional corded, it has safety hazards for pets and children and the cords can be the reason for suffocation when they are entangled with that. Some corded blinds feature a loop that can risk injury. Motorized blinds due to the absence of a cord become the ideal option for your home.

2. Increased Home Energy

Motorized window blinds work as the energy-efficient option for the home as it is easy to install or gives light control. You can open the binds when wanted to let in the natural light and close them when you wanted to restrict the light and save your privacy as well.  

3. Safeguard The Furniture and Décor from Sunlight

Direct sun exposure to furniture and home decorations can give way to discoloration, irreversible damage, and fading. Motorized blinds help homeowners to save their valuable items and support the automated programming that you can give to control the sunlight before entering the place.

4. Provides Additional Security When You Are Not at Home

Window blinds play a vital role in home security. It restricts passers-by from peering into the home and proves more beneficial than keeping the curtains closed. Motorized window blinds operate automatically throughout the day and perfect option even when you are home or thousands of miles away and deter potential thieves.

5. Better Sleep

It is quite annoying when you trying to sleep and the room is not dark. Installing motorized window blinds in the bedroom helps to keep the place completely dark when they are on. They came with maximum light-blocking opacity and can offer you quality sleep. Pick blackout curtains or blinds when complete darkness is your prime concern.

6. Push Button Control

You can operate the motorized window blinds while watching a movie or reading a book on the couch. There is no need to get up and adjust the blinds. You can also set to close the blinds during the timeframe when sun reflection came to your TV just with a touch of a button. It makes it easy to use and safer to operate compared to manual cord control window blinds.

7. Privacy Solution for Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Having big windows in your bathrooms ad bedrooms makes them look wonderful and allows getting enough natural light, but concerns privacy. Installing motorized window blinds on these large windows can handle the privacy factor. You can adjust the window blinds for the places you wanted and enhance the look and feel without compromising privacy.

8. Variety Of Control Options Like Wireless Switches, Apps, and Remotes

You can operate the motorized window blinds in different ways. It can be controlled with a wall-mounted wireless switch, with an app or remote control. You can choose the wall-mounted switch or remote and adjust the window blind when needed. You can also use the apps to operate the binds and can also integrate the motorized blind with other apps to control them easily.


Motorized windows can offer a combination of beauty, safety, and functionality together. Mannat Blinds and Shutter is available with a range of motorized blinds or you can also ask for personalized indoor blinds and outdoor blinds to make it a perfect fit for your place. Our team of professionals handles designing, measuring and installation for you. for more information give us a call!