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Stunning Curtains to Create the Ambiance of a Beautifully Crafted House

Range of Personalised Curtains to Styles Your Windows and Doors

Curtains are used to control the temperature, light, and privacy of your place. It is not enough when a curtain can get charmed, uniqueness, and beauty to your room. At Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters, we are available with a range of versatile curtains fit for every home, workplace, and requirement. With our experience in the market, we ensure you will receive the perfect fit for your curtains under budget. You can contact us for Brisbane’s best and most unique styles of curtains with decorative rods and tracking types.

Our range of curtains can transform your living space into a beautiful place. Many people think that giving a refreshing look to the home requires costly renovations, but isn’t it a great idea to get that done by updating the window coverings with a new pair of curtains? You can contact us and our team of professionals will suggest to you the range, color, and design of curtains matching your style statement, look and feel you are dreaming of for the place. Our team will handle the entire work of curtain measurements, and installation with tailored additions like tiebacks, valances, and holdbacks. We can give you a range of styles, colors, and shades of curtains for the entire home.

When You Are in Search of The Fresh Pair Of Curtains In Brisbane- We Are Your Only Choice

When you are in search of a fresh feel for any particular space or the entire home, Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters has a range of curtains that can give a refreshing feel to the area. You can order personalized curtains. We can ask for a range of custom curtains by calling us or emailing us with the requirements.


Block Out Curtains

We are one of the best and easiest ideas to add a quick style quotient to your Brisbane home. Australian weather is very unpredictable, but our curtains can help you take full control of natural light. We have a range of modern styles and colours that you can order with customization.


Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the perfect example to make the bedroom, dining room, or living room look fantastic where it requires proper ventilation and light. The sheer curtains leave the great effect of dark backdrops in open-plan living areas. It will bend perfectly with the blackouts and the results showcase the perfect, temperature and privacy. 


S Wave Ceiling Track

S Wave Ceiling Track by Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters company has a range of wonderful curtain products with a standard pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtain. Our s wave curtains give a modern and stylish finish using a variety of fabrics and sheers. It will give a beautiful finish and keep it light and airy. 


Pinch Plate

The pinch plate is the classic heading style that gives a wonderful look to your place. You can get elegance and class to your home using the pinch plate curtains by Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters. We have a range of custom-made curtains to give a nice feel to your place. It is a perfect choice for offering you better value. Order the size and style you are looking for

Book Our Curtains for Sophisticates and Regal Finish for Your Doors and Windows

We prepare custom-made curtains for any place with any style or fabric you wanted according to your requirements. Our range of curtains like pinch plates, sheer curtains, block-out curtains, and s wave ceiling tracks can style your home or office with complementing curtain accessories. Book the personalized solutions you are looking for.

Why Choose Us to Compliment the Look of Your Place?

We are leading experts in glass doors, privacy screens, awnings, curtains, outdoor shutters, indoor blinds and outdoor blinds manufacturer in Brisbane. Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters are the must-have product that is perfectly suitable for your guest room, suite, bedroom, living room dining room or any other corner of your home. Our range of curtains ensure you get a bright look for the house. Given are some other reasons you can rely on us. 

  • Quality product in the range of patterns
  • Available in strong materials
  • Ranges from a total blackout to sheer patterns
  • Complimenting the look and feel of your house
  • Restricted light, wind, and visibility control
  • Team of professionals offering a custom look
  • Excellent and stunning products
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