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Fly screen

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Immensely Popular Classic Insect Mesh

Mannat’s Blind and Shutters, our fly screens are custom created so they will be a perfect fit for your match. When you share your requirements with us, our professionals will reach you and get the measurements and install the properly measured expert results. With our years of experience in the field, we can assure you of the work of perfection. Our fly screens are made with quality fiberglass mesh with PVC coating, which gives proper visibility and gives protection from bugs and pests. Our products are a blend of strong extruded aluminum and are available in different color options. For more information and solutions, you can contact us today. 

Product Overview – Fly Screen

Our mesh fly screens are woven tightly together. It can prove a perfect option for your home as a solution to keep it warm with an allowance of sunlight. It is a fit for tropical environments where small insects like midges and sandflies ad common and can enter the house in eth absence of a mesh door. Using the fly screen works as an optimal shield and saves from insects entering the place. You can enjoy the benefits without compromising the outer view of the house. It can be a perfect fit for wooden and aluminum windows, hinged doors, or sliding doors. Insect doors on doors are required with the mid rail, a perfect match for the visually impaired. Flyscreen when attached to the sliding door then gives a regular look. 

Features And Benefits of Fly Screen

Fly screens by Mannat are gone through harsh testing and pass through the national building standards. The screen has a variety of features and benefits that makes it the perfect choice for you.


  • Rigorous quality of product
  • Fit to personalised needs and requirements
  • restricted entry of flies and insects
  • easy to fit and remove
  • No compromise with airflow and light