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How to Take Down Roller Blinds?


Do you have plans for home redecoration, then remove existing blinds? Indoor Blinds give a wow look to the place. If they are dirty or discolored then replace them with new ones. Standard roller blinds or cassette roller blinds require a different process. Standard roller blinds have fabric rolled up at the top and on the other hand, cassette roller blinds work with a headrail at the top that hide the rolled fabric at the top from view. Removal of blinds includes the parts of blinds and how to put them together. You can get the work done by professionals in no time for home improvement projects. Or, use the simple tools to remove old blinds and get a fresh look with these steps.



Removal Of Roller Blinds

Removing roller blinds is a simple process, allowing you to remove, replace, or clean blinds easily. Follow these steps for safe roller blinds removal:



Ready The Area- Clear stuff around the window area. Make it free from furniture, and obstacles that can hinder the blind removal. Make sure it has enough space to handle blinds without causing any damage or getting hurt or getting tangled.


Check the Mounting Type- Roller blinds are mounted differently, some are outside mounted and some are inside mounted. Inside-mount blinds are installed within the window frame whereas outside-mount blinds are installed above the window frame or on the wall.


Check for Mounting Brackets- For inside mounted blinds, carefully check the top of the window frame for the presence of mounting brackets. If you are dealing with outside mount blinds, then check for the wall or above the window frame for the brackets.


Removal of Roller Blinds- Using a screwdriver, remove the small screws or tabs on each bracket used to secure the roller blinds in place. Now, press the tabs or unscrew them to release the blind from the brackets. Once the blinds are released, make them lower down and take them out of the window frame.


For Outside Mount- Based on brackets used to attach blinds, you can unscrew them or unclip them from the ceiling or wall. Slowly and gently detach the brackets from the surface and step ahead in the removal process. After removing the brackets, slide the blind out of the brackets or roll them carefully.


Start with the Cleaning Process- If you want to replace blinds, then time to store them safely and clean the area to make it ready for another blind installation. It avoids any damage as well. When preferring cleaning of blinds, then use the proper cleaning techniques according to the specific roller blind material. Ensure you have followed cleaning instructions properly before reinstallation of blinds.


Keep Hardware Sorted- When you remove roller blinds, then it includes the tabs, screws, and other hardware for mounting removal. Store them in separate small bags or containers to avoid misplacing them. Removal of roller blinds is a simple process especially when you are doing that step after step. Proper handling is a must to ensure no damage.




Roller blinds add beauty, feel, and functionality to your space. Removing them for cleaning or replacing requires knowledge. You can follow the above steps for removal and if still, unsure then contact Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters, who are leaders in supplying indoor and outdoor blinds, shutters, awnings, etc. as the window or door treatment for your residential and commercial spaces. For more information and personalized requirements, feel free to call!