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Keep Your Life Out of Sight in Style with Privacy Screens

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Use Decorative Privacy Screens to Hide Your Private Life

A home is the most special and comfortable space where you can relax, kick back, and for anything you are facing in everyday life. If you have a fear of being watched from outside then the whole fun will transform into hesitation. Even if you are living with the world’s friendliest neighbours but still, you still never want them to peep into your life for any reason. This is the major problem but the solution is one and that is using the privacy screens. It gives a little more seclusion in the home so for a better result you can take a look at the best privacy screen ideas for your Australian homes.


Privacy Screen Ideas

The market has a lot of screening solutions available so that you can pick the one according to your taste and what looks good in your home. Some of the commonly used privacy screens for Australian homes are:


Aluminium Privacy Screens

Aluminium metal privacy screens are easy on the pocket, lightweight, durable, and versatile option for window and door treatment. It is available in a range of colours so that you can get the matching screen along with another exterior of the home. They can be custom-prepared according to the slat spaces, different sizes, and styles under budget. Aluminium privacy screens are easy to install and you can easily get that done. If not, then also not a problem, because professionals like Mannat blinds and shutters will offer you great products at the right price with high-quality installation.


Timber Privacy Screens

Traditional timber privacy screens are possibly a great idea for fence screening. The best thing is to make it a choice because they look good come in different price ranges and can be accentuated with beautiful tint according to your home. With the screens, the planks are installed vertically or horizontally. It is up to you if you want complete blackouts then keep them placed close or you can also put gaps between the two. The placement can be based on the privacy you want. For a quirky look, you can place planks of different heights and widths. It goes well when you colour the planks with different colours.



Lattice is an age-old popular idea on which many people rely upon. It is a popular choice for privacy. It is available in a variety of products like wood, plastic, and metal and offers a range of cheap to expensive solutions. They give the small to complete privacy based on the gap size according to products. You can also turn the dial to get the preferred privacy. They are available in custom-prepared lattices with staining or painting effects based on materials. It can be beautified with climbing plants that will add further privacy and fill the possible gaps in the lattice’s structure. It is easy to install and thus, many people prefer the DIY option but still can seek guidance without knowledge, experience, and time.


Die- Cut Metal Privacy Screens

These are sheets made with solid steel that can be cut in various patterns. They are easy on the pocket, durable, and a great idea to give an artistic look with privacy to your place. Going with that is an ideal solution that does not burden the pocket.


Privacy Screen Regulations

Similar to erecting a fence, regulations are required to install a privacy screen. Ensure that the privacy screen compiles with some important points explained here and it is not necessary to make any addition to your home.

  • Length should be less than two meters and if wanted more than that height you required building approval.
  • It is an ideal solution for residential use.
  • It cannot restrict the water passing.
  • Try to avoid the installation near the swimming pool, water safety, or barrier.
  • It cannot create any part of the retaining wall.

Privacy screens can be used not just to safeguard your privacy. It also proves a great option for filtering the glare for residential and official spaces having monitors and television screens. It also restricts the heat and sunlight entrance to your space. It keeps your space cozy, and stylish, and can access the area with ease without worrying that someone is watching you.



Mannat’s Blinds and Shutters is a leading window and door privacy screen provider near you. We are a team of expert privacy screens, glass doors, awnings, shutters and blind manufacturer in Brisbane who provide you with endless options for privacy screens and ideas. The final product will be the one that will suit your budget and style. For more information and a personalised solution, feel free to give us a call!