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Looking For the Right Window Size: Take A Look To The Tips

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Windows are the important elements to beautify and better functionality of the house. The window design ensures natural sunlight, proper ventilation, and better connectivity to the outside spaces. That is the reason it is been considered the basics for any building. As the windows are highly important the choice for picking the right one is also important. As it creates the sustainability of the house and so the choice should be based on performance, energy efficiency, safety, and noise resistance. Check for the experts near you or can go further with the below-mentioned helpful ideas for getting personalized windows.




Features Of Windows Make It The Right Choice For Your Place!


Size Of The Window

Australian weather is highly unpredictable and building practices and technologies have developed much which increases the demand for larger-sized windows. Despite the larger size windows costing more, the demand the windows can’t be borne in Australia. To keep a focus on the environment and energy efficiency, in place of going with the flow, pick the window style, size, and functionality that will suit your style, and budget at the same time. Window size plays a vital role in the energy efficiency of the building. Larger areas can be covered with clear-glazed windows but become uncomfortable in hot summers which makes it hard to keep warm during winter nights and days. Ensure you consult with experts, so they will provide the energy-efficient design according to building alignment and the amount of thermal mass in the internal building materials.



The alignment of the sun in Australia is towards the north for a maximum time of the year. The alignment of the window should be placed to the north so that you can get the heating benefits of the winter sun. during summers, the sun is at a higher angle in the sky, and using the awnings and eaves these windows can be shaded and restrict the excessive light entering the house during the afternoon time but allow the sunlight in the late afternoon and early mornings. Keep south windows smaller so that the heat would not escape during the cooler months and restrict heat gain in summer. East and west-facing windows provide restricted wind during autumn, winter, and spring but more sunlight during summer. Keep them small and well-shaded for a comfortable place during different seasons.


Thermal Mass

Thermal mass indicates how the material can absorb heat. The high-density materials like bricks, concrete, and tiles can be changed with a lot of heat energy and so is the reason they are known as high thermal mass. Timber is a material with a low thermal mass. So, make sure when you are using the building materials considering the thermal mass of the object and its placement according to the weather conditions. For larger north-facing windows you are advised to use objects with high thermal mass. The objects with less thermal mass can be used or the flooring or the house with the less thermal mass should go for lessening the larger areas of ordinary glass. You can check for the size of the window for the home and then choose the right type and size of glass.



Windows are not just for allowing the heat and sunlight to enter the house but at the same time, they can beautify your place as well. You need to consider the above-mentioned points that are quite helpful while choosing the window by yourself. In case of any confusion, you can seek the expert’s advice. Mannat’s Blind and Shutters are experts in adding beauty, functionality, and feel to the house. Our house of experts understands your requirements and provides you with customized solutions. For more information feel free to give us a call.