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Leading Adjustable Lourve Aluminium Awnings

Australian summers are quite harsh sometimes and heat control is much required then. No worries about the effective solutions with Mannat’s Blind and Shutters. We are leaders in awnings installation in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We have come up with a solution for the heat with lourve aluminum awnings that saves the windows and doors directly receiving sunlight. It is a wonderful idea to do sun control and save the home safely. Our awnings assure you of more than 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our experts make customized awnings for you so that you can on or off the awnings as per requirements.

Product Overview

Lourve aluminum awnings come with a modern and sleek design that is suitable for today’s trends. We have used a specially designed bracket with the lourve aluminum awnings. This bracket has welded angle plate cut on a rake which makes it even more beautiful. This style has the rear angle fixed at the base plate. The projection of lourve is the base for the plate. The large base plate creates a larger projection. The large projection is an indication of providing a large base plate.

Features And Benefits Of Lourve Aluminium Awnings

Having too hot or too cold weather outside can be allowed to make the inside of the house less warm or less cold by using the lourve aluminum awnings. Not just a weather control for any condition these awnings also offer a range of features and benefits which are mentioned below:



  • Made with aluminum makes it free from issues including paint shipping, rust control, and
  • Can be designed with specific requirements
  • Dual purpose frame to provide the complete gutter system with different options
  • Beautify and increase the value of your property
  • The easy installation process for easy-going development under your budget
  • A waterproof cover for your pace to make it rain-ready
  • Gives a quick finish and low-maintenance product