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Lourve Steel Awnings

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An Effective Idea for Privacy, Light Control, And Airflow

Lourve steel awnings are beautiful solutions to offer controlled sunlight, offer privacy and get favorable air flow for external windows and balconies. Our awnings are durable, making them a perfect choice for you. Our team of experts prepares customized awnings that fit your place, requirements, and budget. It is available with manual and automatic lourves so that you can make that adjustment with requirements. 

Product Overview – Lourve Steel

Lourve steel awnings can handle the Australian weather including harsh wind, hot summer, and extremely cold winters. They give a neutral appearance from the inside and maintain style from the outside. Fixed lourve has angles in making which offers you minimal sunlight without covering the view for the home. There are roll form multiple ribbed blades that can be easily adjustable and offer protection from the elements. it comes with internal and external controls making it adjustable lourve. You will get the range of colors available for the same so that you can pick the most suitable according to your home.

Features And Benefits of Lourve Steel Awnings

Lourve steel awnings are the most effective awning option when your concern is about heat control and sun protection to your windows or balconies. Along with that, it came with huge benefits and features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Manually Adjustable Trinidad
  • Fixed Trinidad to deflect the sun’s glare
  • High sun protection from every angle all around the year
  • No sacrifice to airflow or light
  • External and internal winders available on a customised basis