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Privacy Screens Trends to Be Followed to Keep Your Life Private from Neighbours

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Privacy Screens Trends to Keep Your Life Private from Outsiders

Real estate is booming in Australia and properties are getting bigger and higher as the plot sizes are lessening. When you have many houses then possibly privacy will be compromised. Even studies said that keeping your privacy safe is your right and there are some ways you can use to block the view of the neighbors and others passers-by. You can use that to keep better control of your privacy. You can use the restriction around boundary fencing height that might limit your house view from the outside. The best privacy solution among all is using a privacy screen made with natural materials.



Some of the styling options that you can use include:


Bamboo Rod Privacy Screen

It is an ideal option that can be used for screen solutions that keep your privacy in check without blocking the view. Using the bamboo rod privacy screen, allows the natural light to come in and can also be removed whenever you wanted to remove. The height can be customized as per personal requirements by adding to the existing fence and concealing the stainless-steel binding. The entire material combination looks elegant and is high in safety features.


Slatted Screens

If you don’t want to use bamboo rod screens for your place, then you can go with slatted bamboo timber screens it is a perfect choice for people who wanted a contemporary and clear look for the fencing of the house. It looks sophisticated and is an eco-friendly screen option that serves a lot of purposes and keeps unwanted elements away from people’s sight.


Bamboo Poles

You can use a variety of bamboo poles that come in different diameters and lengths customized to your required privacy screen solution. They look wonderful due to their natural look and feel. They are a perfect choice for permanent or for temporary screens and ideal for events. It gives perfection to interior design and landscaping.


Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are a great choice when you wanted out of box interior design. They are equally great for the outside due to their versatility. This privacy screening solution is highly functional and stylish and restricts the light and airflow but you can adjust the same at your convenience. It fits perfectly for traditional as well as contemporary homes.


Decorative Screens

Adding privacy screens restricts the light, air, and privacy control but you need not compromise the beauty of the house if you will go with the decorative screens. The privacy screens came in different designs and aesthetics that go well with the style of your home. You can use the same to add an aesthetic feel and for designing any special corner of the house. They are double beneficial as giving you shading solutions without compromising the awesomeness of the place.




Privacy screens as the name suggests are the screen that saves your privacy and comes with custom designs that you can choose according to the space. Above mentioned are the top and most famous screen trends, and still, if you are unsure about which is most suitable then can contact Mannat Blind and Shutters have decorators who will suggest which is most suitable as per your requirement, budget, and customization. Mannat Blinds and Shutters is the one-stop solution for your every requirement. We have a huge range of furnishing solutions that can transform the look of your place. We are available with shutters, indoor blinds, outdoor blinds, curtains, glass doors, privacy screens, awnings, and gates. For more information, you can give us a call today!