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Slate Hinged gate

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Get Best In Class Automatic Or Manual Slate Hinged Gates

Slate Hinged Gate from the Mannat blinds and shutters ate suitable for your commercial and residential properties. This product from us is considered a piece of art and is available with double and single-leaf hinged gates. It is the perfect option for a place where spacing is the prime concern. We are leaders in Brisbane to offer quality hinged doors and you can contact us for customised solutions. Once you ask for the designs, our team of experts will reach you, understand your needs and then install the personalised product at your place under budget.

Product Overview

It is a product considered as the style statement for places dealing with spacing issues. On the safety perimeter, it ranked higher. The slate-hinged gate can control small traffic volumes and gives access to the site as well. choosing the double leaf gates can cover wider places and can be easily operated with hydraulic arm operators or underground motors. The gate frame has a box section to enable cable access for better safety options.

Features And Benefits Of Slate Hinged Gate

Slates hinged doors are automatic gates and the high priority is to provide safety. It keeps your area safe from unwanted entries with restrictions on sunlight and airflow. It has a list of features and benefits which are mentioned here:


  • A perfect fit for large openings and special usage conditions
  • Gates are prepared with the insulated sheet so metal panes that are connected
  • Have hollow metal frames on three sides
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to manage
  • Can be customised