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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Privacy Window Films?

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Privacy Window Films

Privacy Window Films: What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?


Using Privacy window films or home window tinting is a beautiful solution for reduced glare and restricts the excessive sunlight entering the house. It keeps your life private because saves you from passerby sight, and restricts the light and wind and these are the reason which makes it quite popular among any Australian homeowners. You will get a variety of window tinting options for the beautification of your place and enhances its functionality. At the same time, if the task is not done properly, then you might end up facing some problems. So, before making the informed privacy window films, we will give you a hint of some common pros and cons associated with their installation.



Pros You Cannot Deny



Better Energy Efficiency

Australian weather is very unpredictable and sometimes temperatures go extremely high. Using privacy screens restricts the sweltering summers, to strong winds and the wet winters. At the same time, it keeps the inside temperature under control. So, along with focusing on the fans, heaters, or air conditioners for temperature control, you can also use the tinted window that can be an ace up your sleeve. Using tinted windows restricts the heat coming inside the house that generally enters with glass windows and saves you from heat loss. Using privacy window films reduces the use of heaters and air conditioners. The value can be enhanced even more when combine with efficient passive heating and cooling methods like insulation and shades.


Fewer Power Bills

Installing privacy films on your windows helps to restrict the views of passersby and when you install them at your place then you need not rely only on the heaters and air conditioners throughout the year. They will save a lot of your power bills.


Restrict UV Rays

Using privacy screens or tinted windows makes your home a safer and more comfortable place. It will keep you protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sunlight is not harmful only when you will be directly exposed under the same but if the home has sun access through the traditional glass window and sitting in front of that window for long hours harms you too. Using screens ensures no entry of such rays inside the house. So, your comfortable place should be your favorite place and that is your home.

You have a lot of reasons to go with the window screens or tinted windows it saves you from outsiders’ or passersby’s view, blocks UV rays, safeguards the exteriors, and restricts the wind, sunlight, and heat and an excellent idea, but nothing is simply perfect and to get the cons of having them are explained and you can look to that.


Can Negated Warranties

If you have a tinted film or a privacy screen to your window, then possibly it will negate the warranty on your windows. Some glass manufacturers put a clause that if you will add a film, to the glass surface then the warranties won’t be served. So, if you are seeking that then films could be a misfit. Check with the glass manufacturer and other film products so they will not affect the original glass warranty. You need to go out and research well and find the perfect option suitable to your needs.


Proves Ineffective

If you will compromise the low-quality tinting film, then definitely will not get the desired results you are expecting. It can allow heat transfer, allows UV rays, or can be torn with strong winds or rain. So, ensure the quality of the product before installation to get the most effective results with high-quality, premium products installed by professionals.


Spoil The Beauty

Privacy screens for your window keep the sun, heat, and wind restrictions with controlled disturbance to the view if they are applied correctly or done by professionals. But poor DIY or unprofessional work can look unattractive. Like, if the applied screen is left with air bubbles or pockets in the film then it will spoil the whole look. Also, if it has peeled edges then also will not look good. So, ensure you hire professionals for the satisfactory work done and to keep the aesthetic look of the house.


Can Affect View

The privacy screens or films are created to darken the view outside so people cannot look inside, but if the film is too dark then you won’t be able to see outside. Sos, it will affect the view from the house.


Less Sunlight in Winters

Sun and sunlight are always welcomed during winters, but with screen films, there will be less heat transferred and you can’t enjoy the sunlight while sitting inside the home. It is not fit for houses with cooler Australian climates like Tasmania or Melbourne. Filming and tinting will restrict the sunlight coming in through the windows during winter.




You must be now aware of the pros and cons of having privacy window films after considering the weather in your region or your budget and requirements you can decide whether to use or not use it in your place. Mannat Blinds and Shutters offer you a variety of window and doors treatment that you can rely upon. You can ask for personalized solutions based on your needs and requirements. For more information, give us a call!